COVID-19 Protocol
My own health and that of my subs is my number one priority. As of Monday 13th July, I will be available for real time sessions with the following protocol in place:
• You must pay a deposit by bank transfer or PayPal. Your temperature will be taken with a no-contact laser thermometer upon arrival; if it above the normal range you will be sent home and your deposit held for a future appointment.
• If you have any Covid-19 symptoms on the day of your session, do not come to the dungeon. Let me know by text or email and I will hold your deposit for a future appointment.
• You must wear a mask for the full duration of your session. You will arrive wearing it, and you will not take it off until you leave, apart from to shower.
• You will sanitise your hands as soon as you enter (I will provide hand sanitising gel).
• You will then undress, place your clothes in a plastic bag, and get straight into the shower.
• You may then come into the dungeon and our session will commence.
• I will wear gloves for the duration of the session.
• All surfaces and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant between sessions.
• Sessions that involve the transfer of bodily fluids, eg. spitting, are not available until further notice.